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Get 2 to 25 or More Leads and Sales Each Month from Existing Visitors to Your Site...

With Lead Generation and Marketing Funnels Proven to Get More Patients and Sales

& Load Faster on Mobile than Any Others (3 secs or less!)

Get Marketing Funnels and Leads for:

  • Chiropractic Patient Acquisition
  • Dental Patient Acquisition
  • Financial Advisor Client Acquisition
  • Any Market Needing Custom Funnels
  • PPC Landing Pages (for Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc)
  • Facebook Ad Landing Pages
  • Homepage Redesign for Conversion

How Many New Customers or Patients Do You Want?

Specializing in Lifting Leads & Sales by Creating the Fastest Loading, Highest Converting Landing Pages with Low-Cost Marketing Strategies

All Landing Pages and Marketing Funnels Include our Custom 3D Avatar and AI Chatbot to Get Maximum Engagement with Your Web Visitors, and Answer Questions They Have Instantly without the Cost of Live Support.

Your Path to Greater Lead Generation & Sales...

1. Review

Review your specific needs and goals for boosting leads from existing strategies you use. Includes website analysis and messaging review.

2. Evolve

Evolving includes areas needing adjustments and improvements. A marketing message is created then the landing pages and funnels.

3. Perform

Your new landing pages and marketing funnel go live. They include split-testing of messages and elements to ultimately get big results.

Choosing the ThinkBigandGrow method for lead generation and creation of marketing funnel pages ensures you get what matters.

Page Speed Makes or Breaks Whether a Visitor Stays

First, web visitors to your site and any website demand the pages load fast.

The first objection any web visitor has to any business, including yours, is pages loading too slow. This is even more so on mobile devices.

Google says, “2 seconds is the threshold for eCommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.

Google's data shows that 53% of your visitors will leave if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, page speed is our first area of focus.

Next is the marketing message.

Great, the page loaded fast, but now the clock is still ticking. Data from many sources shows that if the visitor stays past the page load time, you now have 7 to 8 seconds to convince them you have what they want.

Your web page where the visitor lands must present what the visitor wants. And guess what?
They don't want to know how great and experienced you think you are. They want to know you can solve their problem and why they should choose you and no one else.
Therefore, your marketing message is the next area of focus in lead generation and creating your funnel landing page or pages.

Visitors Want Engagement and Answers to Questions

The final major piece of the journey is being able to engage the visitors to keep their attention, and to answer questions on the spot.
You may be thinking, "OK, I have a detailed FAQ page."
Sadly, real people really hate digging through FAQs and searching different pages to find answers. While some will do it, most will not.
To solve this, we provide every landing page and funnel a 3D Avatar and AI Chatbot just like the one on this page.

Do Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Work?

You can quickly find the data that show that up to 20% of businesses are expected to abandon mobile apps for AI chat bots. They are not a fad or a gimmick.
We have case study after case study showing 75% to 150% increases in engagement using AI chatbots. Then, most importantly, 35% to 85% increases in leads and sales.
Therefore, we include this ability with every landing page and funnel we build for you. You deserve every advantage that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
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Ready to Know More?

Schedule a call to learn how our proven, fast loading, low-cost lead pages and lead generation can help you build a more profitable business or practice.

You start with visitors you already have and build a steady stream of quality new clients, customers, or patients. You'll get your questions answered so you gain confidence this is right for you.

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